Making others happy

I love to make things out of wood. Specifically, I like to make toys.

I started making some toy swords and sold them to kids at a local fair. It was such fun watching them be transformed into knights in shining armor battling evil.

I also made a little push toy with frogs that jump up and down. My little grandson loved it.

So what’s the point of telling you this. The secret is this….

Doing things to make others happy makes YOU happy.

WHY you do things is vital.

Ebenezer Scrooge in the epic Christmas story we are all familiar with, loved money. He thought it was making him happy and he forsook everything else for money.

After the visit of the 3 spirits, he realized that making others happy was far more important and more fulfilling than all the money in the world.

As you go about your life, you necessarily must make money. Life is very grim without it. I would suggest that you make a lot of money.

As you increase your income, you can also increase your outcome. You will be able to do more for others with more money than you can without.

I’m not saying that you can’t do things for others without money, nothing could be farther from the truth.

It’s just that you have a lot more options when you have resources.

My mother used to quote this poem for me when I was growing up:


Are you almost disgusted with life, little man?
I’ll tell you a wonderful trick
That will bring you contentment, if anything can…
Do something for somebody, quick!
Are you awfully tired with play, little girl?
Wearied, discouraged, and sick?
I’ll tell you the loveliest trick in the world,
Do something for somebody, quick!
Though it rains like the rain of the flood, little man,
And the clouds are forbidding and thick,
You can make the sun shine in your soul, little man,
Do something for somebody, quick!
Though the stars are like brass overhead, little girl,
And the walks like a well-heated brick,
And our earthly affairs in a terrible whirl,
Do something for somebody, quick!

┬áSadly, I don’t know the author but it’s profound.
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