How To Improve Your Mindset


When I was a girl growing up my mother told me a story of an incredible feat performed by a mother to save her children from a burning barn.

The woman’s children were playing in the loft and apparently, the hay caught fire and the children were trapped behind a huge hay rake.

A hay rake can’t usually be moved by hand and uses gears and motors to move them.

The woman dragged the hay rake by herself and rescued her children, something she should not have been able to do since it was a ton or so of hardware.

I’ve heard other stories of people performing amazing feats of strength when they had no other choice.

Of course, the lives of people you love can be a powerful motivation.

So how can you get motivated so powerfully that you cannot help but succeed?

Your goal has to be so powerful in your mind that it eclipses everything else.

It has to be so burning that you must work towards it until you succeed. Nothing else will do.

Here are some additional tips:

  1. Choose courage over fear. To be successful, you have to have courage. …

  2. Believe in yourself. Attitude is everything. …

  3. Choose good company. …

  4. Adopt self-chosen goals. …

  5. Have a purpose and a vision. …

  6. Accept the challenge. …

  7. Be discerning. …

  8. Be willing to take risks.

Another thing that can help you STAY motivated is to continually seek education and emulate those who have succeeded ahead of you.


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