5 Success Foundations

5 things every online business person needs to succeed. In business school, they teach you many things like how to create a business plan, marketing, human resource management etc. They may touch on some of the 5 things I’m about to talk about but perhaps not enough emphasis is given to these critical items. I guess it depends on how savvy your instructor is. I’ve … Continue reading 5 Success Foundations


How Hard Should You Work

Back in 1916, the British government decided that cutting back on work hours and giving a day of rest increased productivity of factory workers working to keep the war machine in arms. A guy named Pencavel from Stanford University dug up the government report and decided to put it to the test. His results are interesting. He actually put some numbers to the report. “[B]elow … Continue reading How Hard Should You Work

How To Improve Your Mindset

When I was a girl growing up my mother told me a story of an incredible feat performed by a mother to save her children from a burning barn. The woman’s children were playing in the loft and apparently, the hay caught fire and the children were trapped behind a huge hay rake. A hay rake can’t usually be moved by hand and uses gears … Continue reading How To Improve Your Mindset

Making others happy

I love to make things out of wood. Specifically, I like to make toys. I started making some toy swords and sold them to kids at a local fair. It was such fun watching them be transformed into knights in shining armor battling evil. I also made a little push toy with frogs that jump up and down. My little grandson loved it. So what’s … Continue reading Making others happy