An Interview with Ray Higdon

My Interview with Ray Higdon

If you’re in Network Marketing and you don’t know who Ray Higdon is, you might be living under a rock. Ray and his wife Jessica are household names in the industry where their mentoring, training and expertise have inspired thousands of people to succeed in their Network Marketing companies. They hold events and have published books and have marketing training to help struggling marketers. Ray … Continue reading My Interview with Ray Higdon

5 Success Foundations

5 things every online business person needs to succeed. In business school, they teach you many things like how to create a business plan, marketing, human resource management etc. They may touch on some of the 5 things I’m about to talk about but perhaps not enough emphasis is given to these critical items. I guess it depends on how savvy your instructor is. I’ve … Continue reading 5 Success Foundations

Social Media

How to Get Facebook Traffic To Your Blog

Data from GlobalWebIndex recently showed that social networking accounts for nearly 30% of the average internet traveler’s daily activity. What does this mean for a blogger? Well, it means you should have a presence on social media to promote your blog. Studies have shown that 91% of marketers who invest as little as 6 hours per week on social networks increased exposure for their business. … Continue reading How to Get Facebook Traffic To Your Blog

One Unlikely Place to Find Hundreds Of Blog Topics

Nothing is more debilitating that staring at a blank sheet of paper waiting for inspiration to come. You’ve got your personal blog and know who you want to target but you just don’t have inspiration. If only you could come up with a list of blog topic ideas or maybe find a blog topic generator you’d know what to write about. But there are places … Continue reading One Unlikely Place to Find Hundreds Of Blog Topics