5 Success Foundations

5 things every online business person needs to succeed.

In business school, they teach you many things like how to create a business plan, marketing, human resource management etc.

They may touch on some of the 5 things I’m about to talk about but perhaps not enough emphasis is given to these critical items.

I guess it depends on how savvy your instructor is.

I’ve noticed a trend though with many online coaches and teachers. They are starting to understand that there’s a lot more to having success than just having a toolbox of how-to knowledge.

A building will collapse without a sufficient foundation to build upon.


So, what’s in the foundation?

  1. Personal Accountability

    1. Otherwise known as not procrastinating.

Without personal accountability, there’s always going to be that temptation to put off until tomorrow leaving you in a perpetual cycle of hope without fulfillment.

It also breaks the promise you make to yourself to succeed. You can’t have integrity without keeping promises to yourself. That includes following through with what you start.

Without personal accountability, you lack focus. You will be distracted by things that take you away from what you need to do. We all tend to take the easy path. It’s all the easier when we lack focus.

Decisive decisions can’t happen without personal accountability. I just read a book by Donald Trump written before he became president. Trump accomplishes more in 20 minutes that most people do in 2 days. He takes hundreds of calls and makes multi-million dollar deals shooting off the hip. He also turns things down that don’t sound right to him. He’s personally accountable for all his decisions. If he doesn’t like it, he says so. 

Trump’s relentless action has netted him billions of dollars in assets and the top political position in the world, President of the United States. Nobody but him really thought he could do it.

Love him or hate him, you must admire his dedication to the tasks he takes on.

  • Good Relationship With Failure

    • Multiply your failure rate.

Failure can be painful. I heard Ray Higdon speak one time about his beginnings in business. Higdon is a self-made man. He did it the hard way coming up from a difficult childhood and deciding he didn’t want to follow the path of the people around him. His first attempt to succeed was in the real estate industry. He was doing pretty well until the economy collapsed and it left him in foreclosure for millions of dollars. He said he didn’t even answer the phone because it would just be bill collectors that he didn’t have the means to pay.

But Higdon, took a chance on the network marketing industry. He made himself accountable to getting 20 “no’s” a day. He became the top earner in several businesses after that and was earning multiple millions of dollars every year in network marketing and in speaking and selling his own digital products.

Did the failure cause him pain? Yep. Excruciating pain. But that’s not where he stayed. He used that pain to drive him to success.

You may have heard the oft repeated story of Thomas Edison who discovered “thousands of ways not to make a light bulb.”

The truth is that failure and success go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other.

  • Fueled by Purpose

    • The vision of what you want to achieve

You can say your purpose is to make a lot of money but that’s not your real purpose. Your real purpose is what you want to do with that money.

Oprah Winfrey is the richest black woman in history worth several billion dollars. But Oprah is known for her generous philanthropic endeavors. The gives millions of dollars every year to numerous causes. Oprah has purpose in her life as seen by the causes she endorses such as LGBT causes, AIDS and women’s causes among others.

Oprah opened the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in Africa to help underprivileged African girls. She has no surviving children of her own and has often described her maternal feelings for the children she helps.

That’s what I mean by purpose.

Purpose is usually something outside yourself. You can propel yourself with passion and fuel it with purpose.

  • Have a reliable system for success.

People who succeed know just what they need to do each day in order to progress. They have a system.

Fortunately, you can copy someone else’s system if you don’t have one yourself.

Find someone who is doing successfully what you want to do and do what they do. Make it your own.

It’s really easy in the internet marketing and network marketing niche to have shiny object syndrome.

So many things will come across your radar to distract you and try to lure you to something new. Sometimes they are actually things you should pursue but be cautious.

There are tried and true systems that work and will work no matter what is happening in the industry.

But if you’re constantly jumping onto the next new thing, you will never succeed. One thing at a time please.

A good system will be reliable, predictable, measurable and exponential such as the 7 Steps to Success by the Four  Percent Group.

  • Get a Mentor.

Every successful person in marketing has had a mentor. They continue to invest in their skills and knowledge and to fine tune their business.

Many people will say they can’t afford a mentor but you can’t afford NOT to have a mentor.

A mentor will show you things you may not see yourself. There might just be one little tweak you need to do to make things happen. It could be worth thousands of dollars to you.

And when you get a mentor, do what they tell you to do without question. A good mentor will already have succeeded and they know what to do.

You can succeed many times faster with mentorship.

There you have it, the 5 things every online entrepreneur and businessperson needs to succeed.

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