15-5 Rule For Blog Creativity


People new to blogging and even some veteran bloggers have trouble thinking of what to write about. Some get so overwhelmed with too many subjects, some not enough.

What you need to do is to train your brain to creativity.

Set aside 15 minutes each day to just start writing. Write whatever comes into your head. It might be about that fly on the wall or what you are thinking of having for breakfast or whatever. Just start writing.

Write a minimum of 5 pages. Something you write down will start to click.

As you do this exercise, you are training your brain to formulate ideas.

Your brain has evolved to be an efficient machine. It likes order and tradition. It loves ruts.

It’s your job to teach your brain new pathways.

Scientists used to believe that once you were an adult, your brain was fully formed and nothing could be done to change it. They’ve found since that the brain is incredible flexible and will form new neural pathways.

Experiences change our brains.

People with damage to one part of their brain develop pathways around the damaged part to regain any lost skills.

Here are some ways to keep ideas flowing:

  1. Your brain has a reticular activating system. Use it.

The RAS is a filtering system that determines what information reaches conscious perception. You may not have even thought about how blue the sky was until after several days of clouds. You bought a new car and suddenly notice how many others of the same model are on the road besides you. That’s your RAS working.

Listening to a podcast or reading another blog and picking a topic that catches your eye is a way to get your RAS working for you. As you think about your chosen topic, stories and events will come to mind.


  1. Think in High Definition Video

Our brains are highly efficient and provide only the information needed to perform the task at hand. When asked to think of a beach scene, your brain comes up with something like a postcard.

Filling in that postcard and making it fully 3D is key to unlocking your brain’s creative and problem-solving abilities.

Make the scene one you can walk into with all your senses, touch, sound, smell and sight. Add emotion to that and you have a powerful tool.


  1. Embrace new experiences and learning

Do something different each day. If you always have cereal for breakfast, try eating a steak or go out for breakfast. Listen to the same music since 1985? Try something like classical or more modern. I remember catching my mother doing housework to ZZ Top. Shake things up a bit.

Always have a new book to read and attend local events and activities.

One exercise you can do to think of everyday things in a different light is to pick any three random objects or words and imagine in HD how you could turn that into a blog post.

  1. Use creative visualization

See yourself employing some of these techniques discussed here and visualize succeeding with a smashing blog post.

See yourself as an idea-generating machine that churns out valuable content every day.

Become a waterfall of ideas.


So as you apply the 15-5 rule in your life, you are bound to become more creative in all your endeavors. You’ll soon find that 5 pages and 15 minutes isn’t where you’ll stop. Try to make it at the same time each day so your brain will know when to click in.

Your brain will automatically be in creative mode every day.



Have you used any of these techniques or do you have any special methods you use to wipe away the cobwebs and remove creative blocks?


Share your thoughts in the comments.


Anita Hales


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